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Chicago Interior Design

If you are planning to pursue an interior designing course in Chicago, this article will help you. Here we mention five popular Chicago interior design schools with a brief description of them.

1. American Academy of Art

This Chicago interior designing school is present on the Michigan Avenue. It conducts several bachelor degree courses. The subjects that it covers are 3D design, art history, computer design, design, digital design, drawing, general art, interior design, multimedia, painting, visual media and website design.

The American Academy of Art is a very reputed institution that was set up in 1923. It lays more importance in making its students well-versed in the use of various materials that are used in interior designing. The emphasis in its interior design education is on realism rather than external beauty. The institution provides financial assistance to its students, along with placement services to the graduates, or help in searching their own jobs.

2. Harrington College of Design

The Harrington College of Design is located in the West Madison Street, and it provides courses in 3D design, architectural design, communication design, computer design, design theory, digital design, interior design, lighting and lighting design, media arts, multimedia and photography. It has no postgraduate or doctorate interior designing courses.

The Harrington College has a reputation right from the thirties in which it was established. Its main goal is to prepare graduates for their interior designing jobs in Chicago and outside. Though steeped in traditional roots, the Harrington College is known to be innovative, and hence many modern techniques are included by them in their course material.

3. The Illinois Institute of Art

The Illinois Institute of Art is located in N. Orleans. Click here for more information It has a comprehensive interior designing course, along with other bachelor and associate courses in advertising, animation, digital design, fashion design, fashion merchandising, fashion technology, game design, graphic design, interactive media, media arts and visual communication. It has no postgraduate or doctorate interior designing courses.

The Illinois Institute is not just a Chicagoan institute. It has thirty branches spread all over the US. They lay an emphasis on building comradeship between interior designers of tomorrow, so that they can take the career ahead in their respective fields, and also as a collective pursuit.

4. International Academy of Design and Technology

The International Academy of Design and Technology is located on the North State Street in Chicago. It offers several associate and bachelor degree programs. Apart from courses in interior designing, the academy also has courses in advertising, animation, fashion design, fashion merchandising, film and video, game design, graphic design, multimedia, visual communication and website design.

5. Westwood College

The Westwood College provides courses on animation, architectural design, CAD, game design, graphic design, interior design, multimedia, visual communication and website design. It is one of the most widespread of the Chicago interior design schools. It has 17 branches within the US, and also has a prolific online interior designing course.

The Westwood College designs its course in discussion with the leading people in the interior design business and also in accordance with the rules set down by their own Program Advisory Committee. Its program is lauded by critics as being one of the best in Chicago. The Westwood College is also one of the main providers of interior designing jobs in Chicago. Their online interior designing course is also very famous and positively reviewed.

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