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Good Healthy Lifestyle

A good healthy lifestyle is one where you make conscious decisions throughout the day that benefit your emotional and physical well being. When you talk about a lifestyle, you are talking about a way of living and not just doing periodic activities such as a particular exercise or eating one healthy meal a day. A true healthy lifestyle requires making good choices in all the areas of your life.Click here for more information

Making the Small Decisions

You hear women claiming they have no time to take of themselves, because they are so busy taking care of everyone else. If you think about this statement though, it doesn’t really make sense. If you are caring for children or other family members, the chances are you make healthy choices for them out of love and concern.

If you are asking your family to live healthy, why not yourself? There is a sacrificing side to many women’s natures that lead them to put their own needs last. Yet living a good healthy lifestyle is important for longevity and the quality of life.

A healthy lifestyle begins with making small decisions throughout the day. For example, when you park at the grocery store, do you park as close to the door as possible? By parking in a further spot you can add walking steps that promote good health.

These kinds of small decisions add up throughout the day. You can take the stairs, walk during lunch, eat low fat meals, take vitamins and supplements, spend 30 minutes a day doing a stress reducing activity and so on. One by one the small decisions create an overall healthy lifestyle when coupled with regular exercise.

Getting Big Results
Once you begin thinking in terms of living a good healthy lifestyle, the next step is to add regular exercise to your life. Without exercise you cannot achieve the benefits that exercise offers. For example, there is no substitute for aerobic exercise which strengthens the circulatory system.

The big decisions that are part of a good healthy lifestyle include making those choices which create long term benefits. The small daily decisions are health maintenance decisions. The large decisions are designed to create a focused and goal driven program that promotes excellent health.

Add aerobic exercise to an exercise program at least 3 times a week
Do strength training exercises to tone the body while developing strong muscles
Design a nutritional plan that supplies minimum required nutrients
Add exercises and dietary choices that address special needs such as preventing osteoporosis or reducing chances of developing anemia
Include your family in the healthy lifestyle plan
Teach children how to make healthy decisions
Get regular doctor’s care including age recommended mammograms and Pap smears
Incorporate recreational activities in your life that are stress reducing

A good healthy lifestyle is a comprehensive plan that impacts every area from what you eat for breakfast to how well you sleep. By taking care of your health, you are also better able to take care of your family.

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