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Signs And Consequences Of Clogged Drains

A clogged drain is a real problem for a homeowner, and it can create underlying structural problems, water damage and can also carry health risks too. Random debris, small objects, grease and other stuff, can slowly accumulate inside the pipes obstructing the flow of water. If clogged drains are not treated and cleaned immediately stagnant can lead to some complications that will affect your health and your property. If you are experiencing something similar to a blocked drain, a local company like A#1 ( is the best option to fix any plumbing situation.

There are many signs to consider when looking at the cause of a blocked drain:

  • Pools of water around shower drains
  • Water flows very slowly after forming pools
  • The toilet water bubbles when you run the sink
  • If your pipes make gurgling sounds, it could be an indication of a blocked drain.
  • A weird smell of rotting food coming from the kitchen sink area
  • Water will start to back up out of a sink drain

Here are the common consequences of having a clogged drain at home

  • Hygiene: Blocked drains smell terrible. The smell will only get worse in hot weather and will travel throughout the house making it an unpleasant living environment. Drain blockages also make the sink areas more prone to bacteria, which can affect the health of you and your family.
  • Subsidence is occurring: Cracks around windows, in walls and even driveways can happen in many cases where a blocked drain has been ignored. Structural damage can be extremely to repair, and it is not a simple problem you would like to deal.
  • Irritation: Clogged drains can exacerbate existing problems that a person may have, people living with asthma for example. Being in contact with waste water around clogged drains can also lead to skin issues.
  • Flooding: One of the most common causes that can result from ignoring your blocked drains for and extended period, is water resurgence. Water from a sink, toilet or shower hits a blockage and is forced to back up the pipes. This blockage will cause to your property to become flooded with dirty water that may carry diseases.
  • Pests: dirty water will commonly come in the form of insects that carry diseases and germs. However, it can also attract rats.

Clogged drains will cause a lot of damage to your home, the stagnant water that has accumulated for a long time will emit a musty odor. The water can also leak into the corners and foundations of the house that will cause weakness to the structure of your house. Since the blockage is located in a hidden area, you might not be aware of it until is too late.

As a homeowner, you wouldn’t wait for these things to happen. If you suspect that one of your drains might be clogged, you should contact a plumbing specialist right away. Once you have fixed the problem, you will need to be careful and avoid any future blockages. Here is a video that provides tips to prevent blocked drains.

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