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Waxing Or Shaving, Which One Is Better

At first, waxing can be very painful because maybe you are not used to that type of hair removal. In waxing, molten wax is applied on the to-be wax part. A piece of paper is applied above the molten wax, and then the waxing is pulled faster by the piece of paper with force. Shaving, on the other hand, is a non-violent technique to remove hair with a razor but sometimes the cream you use to shave your legs or whatever can get the area or areas shaved darker or affect your skin. If you are looking to try waxing for the first time, is the perfect place for you.

Here are some of the reasons of why waxing is better than shaving

  1. Waxing removes dead cells: During waxing, when the wax is being pulled off from the skin along with the hair, all of those dead cells that are present on the surface of your skin also gets removed. It is important for us to remove the dead cells of our body, but we hardly do. So, the advantage of waxing here is that you can get rid of dead cells from different parts of your body.
  2. It is faster: When it comes to removing hair in awkward places, waxing is the solution. In those places where you have to run the razor, you need to be very careful. A slight change in the razor angle might lead to unwanted cuts.
  3. You won´t cut yourself with metal pieces: This is one of the most incredible advantages of waxing. As it was mentioned above, using the razor is not the best option when you are in a rush, and you try to get your legs perfectly. If you were trying to use a skirt or a pair of shorts, forget about it because using the razor in such a hurry can leave you red marks or even worse, unwanted cuts.
  4. Long lasting: This is the part when your mind starts dwelling between shaving or waxing. When you wax a particular part of your body the hair gets ruthlessly uprooted, this means that the hair will take longer to grow back.
  5. In the long run, hair can cease to grow back: If you constantly use wax to remove the unwanted hair, the hair that comes out is less healthy and comparatively thinner because its roots are weakened.
  6. Smoother skin: These days, wax has a sort of moisturizing lotion which leaves a smooth and none hairy skin when your skin is waxed then it rips off the hair along with a layer of dead cells.

So, if you can tolerate a little discomfort, the benefits of waxing will be worth the effort. Maybe the stinging sensation after ripping wax of any part of your body might make you wonder if you really want to do it again. But don´t worry that only happen when it´s your first time if you do it more often then your skin will get used to it. This video will show you the cons and pros about shaving vs. waxing.

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